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Why Havrano Products

We start production from soil. We carefully select the fruits we use in our products from our pristine gardens and neighboring gardens in Havran whose nature doesn’t go bad.
Our products are manufactured in traditional ways. So it keeps the nutritional values of nature.
Our products are rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.
Those who care about their health and want a quality life prefer Havrano products.

Top Sellers

Those who want to lose weight, , those who have cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease and acne, skin and hair bran problem show great interest in our natural apple circus.

Havrano Products for Healthy Living

Our homemade vinegars are produced by natural fermentation.
Olive oil
Our olive oils are cold pressed, not refined.
Our sours are natural. We're boiling fruit juices without adding anything..
What the bees do, we present it.
Bee milk
The building block of living things is the source of amino acids. While the worker bees live 40 days, the queen bees, who are only fed by the bees, live for 5-6 years.
No need to take artificial vitamins. Bees collected for us

Getting to Know Havran

Havrano :
In short, can we recognize you?

President : I was born 11.11.1972 in Havran, I am married with 2 children, I was the President of the Agritourism Chamber in the past, I was the president of the Milk Association and I am the mayor of Havran.

Havrano : Can you tell us about the history of Havran?

President :Havran is a town with a history of 50,000 years. There are ruins of the city of Teb, which dates back 3-4 thousand years in the Tepeoba neighborhood. It is also a town that has a lot of historical buildings and historical buildings in Havran.

Havrano :Can you tell me about the agricultural products of Havran?

President :If we talk about bee products, olive and olive oil is the biggest share. second largest olive oil factory in Turkey is Havran. thin-shell seedless mandarin, Havran plum is a plum sought in Istanbul for many years. black figs eaten with bark also grow on the tarantula. Camel female pomegranate is very juicy and very tasty. These are commercially produced agricultural products. Because of the abundant water and abundant oxygen in Havran, all kinds of vegetables and fruits are produced but some of them have not gained commercial dimension.

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